Student Support Program


 Al-Qalam with the help of its donors supporting 115 students educational expenses in Karachi, Multan and Sukkur. Around 70 students are studying in Sukkur, 40 are in Multan, and 5 are in Karachi. Education support includes tuition fee, syllabus and uniform expenditures and in some cases, a monthly stipend is also given to students.

Donors donation made possible for:

  • 10 orphan to continue their education
  • 7 kids to enrolled in the school first time (never enrolled before in any school due to financial constraint)
  • 15 students (whose father lost their jobs or income due to covid pandemic)
  • to keep coming to school
  • 10 girls to keep continuing their studies. Their families decided to discontinue their education (due to financial constraint)

We are looking for more donors to support this noble cause.  Your little donation can bring change in children’s live, families, and communities. A donor can support a kid’s education by paying US$10 or AUD$15 or NZ$15, or UK£ 10 per month. A donor can support more than one student. For donation, please click on donation or contact us for more information.

Please note that the donation through the master card or Paypal incurs some service charges.
The best way is the direct deposit into the account. We will highly appreciate it if you could please use the BSB (034-026) and Account number (569559) – Westpac – Al-Qalam Student Support Trust) when you consider donating. In that way, the trust will receive the whole amount.