Across the Globe, We Are United in Our Dedication to Children’s Rights

AL-Qalam Students Support Trust

Al-Qalam student Support trust was established in 2021. The trust is registered in Australia and we are in process of its registration in Pakistan.

The main purpose of the trust is to contribute to improving the rate of literacy in Pakistan at the school level. The trust bears the educational expense of poor students from disadvantaged families. Currently, the trust is sponsoring full educational expenses of around 115 students (mostly girls) in three cities (i.e. Karachi, Multan, & Sukkur) of Pakistan.

Trust is also involved in projects related to providing clean water for drinking to people living in the remote areas of South Punjab. Al-Qalam has so far completed five water-related projects in South Punjab.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goal

We know that education plays an essential role in the development of any nation. Unfortunately, according to the recent data, Pakistan has the second-highest number of children (22.8 million – aged 5-16 years) not attending any school. Gender-wise, 52​% ​of the poorest children (58% girls) are out of school, and in Balochistan, 78% of girls haven’t seen a school. The literacy rate is in dire need of improvement in Pakistan. It is important to improve the rate of pre-primary education as it has high positive impacts on primary school enrolment, survival and future learning.

Al-Qalam Student support trust aims to reduce the number of out-of-school children and support education at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels. AL-Qalam Student Support, with the help of its donors are sponsoring children from disadvantaged backgrounds in regards to school fee, textbooks, stationery, uniforms and at times some stipends to help them continue their education and achieve their full potential in life. This is a key aspect in minimising the attrition rate of students from the schools. Our team is fostering the importance of children’s education to break the

Cycle of disadvantaged families”

Our aim is to support education for those in the greatest danger of being left behind. We reiterate the notion “Every child has the right to an equitable chance in life” A better future for our disadvantaged communities…

Let me recall one of the sayings of our Quaid, Muhammad Ali Jinnah

“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves ​by​ discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them”

Your support towards a child’s education will have a lasting effect for generations to come.

Let’s create opportunities for those in need, let’s make a difference today.

Our goal is quality education for every child and clean drinking water for all.